Create rich worlds — and everything within them!

You know that smart worldbuilding notebook that's helped you create rich, fictional universes over four years now? Well, Notebook Paper is kind of like that, except on real paper. You can feel it, touch it — even smell[1] it!

Unlike a silly website that's available on every device, your printed Notebook Paper is your device! There are plenty of other benefits inherent to a physical form, too:

  • Your universes are always available — any time you have your notebook with you.
  • Your ideas are secure and private — just keep your notebook secure and private.
  • You own 100% of your content — just like on!

If you don't have an idea in mind already, you can use Notebook Paper anyway. Every page comes with a set of questions tailored to ask about the world you're creating to make worldbuilding fun and easy.

Rather than loading up the next time you get an idea for a character, consider giving Notebook Paper a shot. It's easy to get started: just print out your notebook pages and you're good to go!

You can even doodle[2] and write notes in the margins!


Deeper characters

Get to know your characters. Track every detail of their thoughts, appearance, family, and personality.


Richer worlds

Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds with specialized notebook pages for your countries, cities, landmarks, and more.


No ads, ever

It kind of feels like, but paper. There's no ads on the site, why would we add ads to paper?

Fill your world with all kinds of specialized pages

Notebook Paper includes all of's free and Premium pages — for free!

Specialized pages are available for Characters, Locations, Items, Buildings, Conditions, Continents, Countries, Creatures, Deities, Floras, Foods, Governments, Groups, Jobs, Landmarks, Languages, Lores, Magics, Planets, Races, Religions, Scenes, Schools, Sports, Technologies, Towns, Traditions, and Vehicles.

Just select which ones you want, print out your personalized PDF, and you're ready to get started!

Start with a customized Notebook Paper download

Your generated notebook will include a cover page, a contact page, an informational page, and any of the content pages you select from below. You can always add more content pages from the links further down on this page!

Fill your Notebook Paper with more pages

You can always come back here for more of your favorite worldbuilding pages. Each of the buttons below will generate more Notebook Paper for each piece of your world. Simply print the resulting PDF out as many times as you want and add those pages to your Notebook Paper to keep growing your world however you want — at your pace!

Do you want to help make Notebook Paper better?

You're in luck! Just like itself, Notebook Paper is completely open source! This means anyone is able to view the entire source code for free, run the project itself, and/or suggest improvements to Notebook Paper that benefit everyone!

Yes, Notebook Paper is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek April Fool's joke[3] but worldbuilding templates are no joke. They're a free, easy-to-use, age-old technique that anyone can use to start creating fictional worlds any time they want — and this project is here to stay!